100-Word Fiction: “Slutty Enough”

“Troubleshooting a clock is monkey work. Why do I have to do it?”

“Because Hammerlock’s a sweet old bird.” Ellie frowned for Hell’s grousing. “And, he’s all alone up there at the lodge.”

“Yes, but why me?”

She sneered. “Do I really need to explain it to you?”

His momentarily blank expression went shocked, then indignant. “Are you prostituting me?!”

“No!” Ellie waved him down. “Just give him a little eye candy. That’s all.”

Hell humphed huffily. “Perhaps you’d prefer I go home, and change into something more whorish.”

She looked him over, and smirked. “Nah. That outfit’s slutty enough.”



Part of the 100 Words from Pandora series.

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