From Hell (A Love Story)

Here is where the story begins….

Cover art by Carmen McLaughlin
Cover art by Carmen McLaughlin

Given the choice of going AWOL or facing a firing squad for reckless behavior and insubordination, Axton decides to take his chances among the border planets, where men are made by the guns at their sides and the rules of the civilized galaxy don’t apply. Life turns lucky when he meets Hal, another trooper on the run for the stolen weapon under his arm: a one-of-a-kind automatic cannon that lays waste to everything in its path. He’s never had a partner before, but with Hal – and Hal’s cannon – on his team, Axton’s ready for anything…until he starts noticing things about Hal he’s never noticed about another man, before: like the supple strength of his body when he moves, the warm blow of his breath when he talks, and the electric smell of his skin when they kiss.

From the lawless dusts of Andromeda and the frontier justice towns of Pasandra, to the secretive berths of the spaceship Siren’s Song and the sultry beaches of Theia, and featuring a cast of hunters, grifters, lawmen, and thieves, From Hell (A Love Story) is a tale of passion, fortune, and fate between two men trying to survive on the border worlds. But how long can Axton and Hal run from their pasts? And, when those pasts catch up to them, can their love see them through, or will they pay the ultimate price?

A homoerotic space opera romance set against the sci-fi western backdrop of Gearbox’s popular Borderlands videogame franchise.

Praise for From Hell (A Love Story):
Beautifully written, amazing plotline and characters.
These boys are a dynamite pair.
A story “…full of tension…” and  “…perfectly heartbreaking.

This story contains crude language, and graphic depictions of violence and sexual situations. You must be over 18 years of age or the equivalent in your native country to access this story.

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